About the Booth

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Meir Photography is proud to present our Fun Photo Booth which has been developed to service a need for an ultra versatile photo booth that can be used in many configurations.


Choose an "OPEN AIR BOOTH" for larger groups and visibility for everyone to enjoy the fun!




Choose an "ENCLOSED BOOTH" for smaller groups and more privacy!


It is great for weddings, parties of all types, corporate events or private events!


The options for seating and backdrops used with our Fun Photo Booth are limitless. The openness of the complete setup lends itself to greater guest interaction and fun. Groups will form and excitement will build as crowds watch the action take place right before their eyes!


The most common setup of our Fun Photo Booth incorporates is just the Camera and Flash Unit with a curtain backdrop, "OPEN AIR" style.


Ultimately, the versatility in setup is only limited by the imagination of the user. Individuals up to groups of 10-20 have crowded in front of the booth to have their images captured. The space required depends on your setup.


We can setup either the "Open Air" or "Enclosed" booth in 5' x 6' of space!


If you are really tight on space we could setup the camera cases against a wall and have the camera face inward toward the room and then we would only need 22" x 16"!


Why Meir Photography's Fun Photo Booth?


Highest Quality Images!

Just look at the pictures on this website and you have to agree they have beautiful color and clarity! That's because we are photographers first which means we really know what we are doing when it comes to setting up our equipment.


Award Winning Customer Service!

Meir Photography has received awards from both WeddingWire.com and TheKnot.com for our happy customers in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017!


Nothing but the Best!

Our booth design is Top Notch with brand new components running the latest software. Studio quality flash, Canon DSL camera and Touch Screen interface.


Ultra compact and good looking!

Our booth can fit anywhere within as little as a 5’ x 6’ area! Good looking Industry–recognizable ATA/flight style case housing for equipment. Beautiful High quality drapes and enclosures.


Superior Printing!

Dye-sublimation printing presents your guests with a professional photograph in as little as about 15 seconds. Automatic cutting of 2” x 6” photo strips or 4" x 6" pictures.


Add Text and custom Graphics to your photo strips!

Customizable text and graphics can be incorporated into your prints.




Size and Portability: When the cases are in use, they offer a compact 14” by 22” footprint and stand approximately 6’ high.


What’s Inside: Top case houses the adjustable studio flash, Canon DSLR camera, Windows 7 custom computer system, touch screen interface and illuminated LED “color prints”, “black & white prints” and “video”, while the bottom case houses the professional dye-sublimation printer.


Quality Images: The digital imaging, print quality and speed are superior. Canon DSLR imaging technology at over 10 megapixels is utilized to capture high-definition images. Professional dye-sublimation printer technology is incorporated to ensure the customer is provided a lab-quality print in as little as 15 seconds.



• Industry-recognizable ATA/Flight Style case construction

• Ultra-Compact: Meir Photo Booth is the smallest, lightest photo booth available

• 20-minute setup (all components, including printer, store securely inside)

• Reliable Computing Power: Custom designed Windows 7 based compact computer system

• Advanced Imaging: Canon DSLR imaging for the highest quality

• Superior output: Dye-Sublimation printer presents user with a professional photograph in as little as about 15 seconds

• Frequently updated software, currently available with green screen, video booth, and email capture functionality

• Efficient Operator Interface: A 15.4? wide screen touch screen monitor interface allows the operator to make on-the-fly changes with minimal interruption to the client

• Unlimited output formats for photo strips; horizontal/vertical/photo strip orientation

• Customizable text/graphics/color backgrounds can be incorporated onto print

• Wi-Fi Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n – photos can be uploaded wirelessly